Russian Society for Photobiology

Chair of Biophysics, Department of Biology,
Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State University

The investigations in the field of photobiology are:
  1. The study of mechanisms of energy transduction of photosynthesis (bacteria, algar, plants): energy migration, electron and proton transport, electrical phenomens, (membrane potential, photocurrents, conductance charges) following light absorption.
  2. Functional, structural and dynamic organization of photosynthetic membranes.
  3. Photochromic, photoelectric and electrooptical properties of chlorophyll- and retinal-containing proteins.
  4. Photophysical properties of multicomponent model systems such as aminoacid-porphirine-quinone.
  5. Adaption of photosynthetic organisms to enviromental conditions at the level of the primary reactions of photosynthesis.
  6. Stress and photosynthetic activity. Light-induced pigment degradation in leaves.
  7. Changes in the photosynthetic apparatus after UV-irradiation.
  8. Thermal stability of the photosynthetic apparatus from thermophilic organisms.
  9. Mathematical models for the photosynthetic energy transformation and biology productivity processes.
  10. Microfluorimetry of animal cells: the study of effects of optical radiation and analyze the mechanisms.
  11. Problem of modification of cell photosensitivity by endogenous photoprotectors and photosensitizers synthesis stimulation.
  12. Directed intracellular delivery of photosensitizers used for photodynamic therapy in order to improve their photodynamic activity.

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